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Saturday, January 26

While we are still on the travel photography topic here’s a couple more shots from a totally different angle, an American photographer taking on the streets of Iran with his camera.

As much antagonistic this might sound it’s quite the opposite as you will soon realize by reading Brandon’s view on his travel experiences.

The US Government has a lengthy travel warning for Iran. While not advising you to ignore this warning, I do advise that you balance it with direct accounts of Americans who have recently visited the country. These accounts are generally filled with superlatives— the country is beautiful, the history is rich, and the people are eager to demonstrate their almost-sacred commitment to hospitality.

Brandon Stanton

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Thursday, August 30

One of the problems of making portraits of strangers in the street is to get those emotions and feelings out, is to portray the true self and personality of that person. Because as soon as you point that big piece of glass to them they go blank.

Photographer Simon Clarke found a workaround to that, he captures portraits of people as they ride public transports. In those places people are dislocated from their surroundings, they look into the void as they await to get to their destination, their thoughts expressed in their faces.

Sometimes you find the best portraits in the most uncommon places.

Simon Clarke

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Friday, August 3

That didn’t took long.. After those underwater shots of dogs jumping into the pool, I guess these were quite inevitable…

A series of underwater portraits using water surface tension to create beautiful textures surrounding the faces.

Tim Tadder

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Tuesday, May 22

Imagine a world were the wind blows through at the speed of a hurricane… Imagine you can cling to your seat while you commute to work and imagine these people as your fellow commuters. Now… how much fun would your day be?

Tadas Černiauskas

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