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Tuesday, February 12

Like I said last time… the internet never ceases to amaze me. Specially when it come down to finding all the great talent that is out there that we would’t get to see otherwise.

This time my scrolling stopped by the work of Kylie Woon, a 21 year-old girl who just recently picked up a camera to explore her dreamlike creativity. Her work is inspiring in many forms and shapes but mostly because it’s a work of art by a non-artist, it’s a very personal shout-out that resonates not only visually but also literary, as you can read in her blog.

Kylie Woon

Tags: Kylie Woon dreamlike photography Floating surreal
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Sunday, February 10

The creativity that goes around the internet never ceases to amaze me. When you think something has already been done and re-done, there’s always someone who comes in with a new twist under his sleeve.

Just like what Bence Bakonyi did here with his “Transform” photo project. Unlike Liu Bolin’s photos where he paints himself against the background he’s photographing, Bence work is a mix of finding the right location and the matching clothing set.

Bence Bakonyi

Tags: photography color art blending background
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Saturday, January 26

While we are still on the travel photography topic here’s a couple more shots from a totally different angle, an American photographer taking on the streets of Iran with his camera.

As much antagonistic this might sound it’s quite the opposite as you will soon realize by reading Brandon’s view on his travel experiences.

The US Government has a lengthy travel warning for Iran. While not advising you to ignore this warning, I do advise that you balance it with direct accounts of Americans who have recently visited the country. These accounts are generally filled with superlatives— the country is beautiful, the history is rich, and the people are eager to demonstrate their almost-sacred commitment to hospitality.

Brandon Stanton

Tags: Brandon Stanton travel Iran America photography Street Photography people portraits
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Monday, January 21


I guess that at some point we all think we have what it takes to go about and reach that dreamlike goal of becoming a successful travel photographer. Heck… forget about successful, I’ll settle for travel photographer just as it is. Unfortunately for most of us, it never goes beyond a couple of lucky shots from our latest vacations.

Then comes someone like Lukas Kozmus to rock that boat and bring a spark of hopefulness, remembering that the dream is still very much alive.

Lukas Kozmus

Tags: Lukas Kozmus travel photography photographer travelling Street Photography
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