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Monday, January 21


I guess that at some point we all think we have what it takes to go about and reach that dreamlike goal of becoming a successful travel photographer. Heck… forget about successful, I’ll settle for travel photographer just as it is. Unfortunately for most of us, it never goes beyond a couple of lucky shots from our latest vacations.

Then comes someone like Lukas Kozmus to rock that boat and bring a spark of hopefulness, remembering that the dream is still very much alive.

Lukas Kozmus

Tags: Lukas Kozmus travel photography photographer travelling Street Photography
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Friday, May 4

A while ago I bought my Sigma 50mm f1.4 to start a “50 strangers photo project”, that didn’t went quite as expected… On my first attempt to go for it I chickened out and lost a great opportunity to start something new. In my defense I am an extremely shy person… anyway, I ended up selling it and never got around breaking that shell.

But then… these guys come around and they make it look so easy that I always get the urge to try it again.

I already know Scott Schuman ”The Sartorialist” for a while now, but it’s still a great source of inspiration, not only fashion wise but also from his photography and attitude.

Here’s how he does it…

The Sartorialist

Tags: sartorialist scott schuman fashion models photography photographer street urban inspiration
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Wednesday, February 22

Composition composition composition…

In this tech-savvy times, where megapixel count and high ISO are misleadingly trending photography, it’s a blow of fresh air to see such incredibly well composed photos that rely in nothing more that just the sharp eye of a good photographer.

Björn Arnason takes on the ordinary and adds a well thought sense of space and balance, he creates an intentional relation between the subject and it’s surroundings.

For me his photos are as much about what you can’t see as they are about what they show.

Björn Arnason

Tags: bjorn arnason photography photographer composition minimalism
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Thursday, February 16

Martin Klimas has a thing for breaking stuff… and who can blame him, when they look so gorgeous shattering into a million pieces.

His sound-triggered photos give a momentary life to this ordinary porcelain figurines. A fraction of a second that captures their last breath as they travel to the afterlife…

Martin Klimas

Tags: Martin Klimas photographer high speed porcelain shattering
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