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Sunday, January 6

As I prepare myself for yet another mountain crossing somewhere this year, I can stop but thinking about all of my past experiences and how difficult it was to explain what I saw.

No photo can represent the scale of a mountain that skyscrapes in front of you or how far you can see from the top of it. I always fall short in my descriptions but never on my memories.

That’s what polish photographer Jakub Połomski tries to accomplish with his “The scale of nature” series, and I must say he does it quite well.

Jakub Połomski

Tags: mountains scale Switzerland Jakub Połomski photography landscapes
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Monday, September 10

"The Pilot’s Melancholy" is a photo set from photographer Dominik Smialowski that depicts the loneliness of a pilot stranded in an inospit landscape.

A dream of past and future events…

Dominik Smialowski

Tags: photography dominik smialowski melancholy inospit landscapes
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Monday, April 16

Ever since I flew for the first time I can’t get enough of flying by the window. It  mesmorizes me the scale of things, and it blows my mind to realize how huge of an impact we have our planet, specially when we fly 12,000m over it.

This series of photos by Eli McFadden are the perfect illustration of just that. We are everywhere…

Eli McFadden

Tags: landscapes Eli McFadden iphone aereal photography
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Wednesday, January 4

I’ve just arrived from New Year’s eve at Prague, and I must say that I found it to be one of the most photogenic cities I’ve visited. Prague is a multi-layered city of architectonic details, ranging from Baroque and Renaissance facades to the majestic Art-Nouveau interiors. You’ll wish you had brought more memory cards.

Here’s a colorful selection of one of the moods you can find in this exquisite place.

Jon Reid

Tags: prague landscapes cityscapes europe jon reid
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