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Friday, November 30

Aaand we’re back… yes, after I don’t know how long, we (I mean I, because there is only one of us here, that is me) was away, but it feels like a long time. Anyway… I got it all worked out, more or less and I’m back to posting stuff on Tumblr.

Let’s start with something easy and gentle… how about a nice set of Yakuza photos.

There is much more to read and even watch about Anton Kusters two years experience documenting the Yakuza criminal underworld. But I leave you with a quick sample of his work, an intimate look into a world we only know from films and fiction tales alike, but one that is as real as they come.

Anton Kusters

Ted talk

Tags: Anton Kusters Yakuza photography documentary photojornalism Japan
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Monday, June 11

I’ve just finish seeing that episode of “Breaking Bad” where Walter has returned from his “missing” journey and he’s sitting in this bus stop looking at a missing person poster of himself. I must say I found that a very powerful image, one that deals with our own state of found. Sometimes fiction throws you a hard left that shakes the way we perceive and understand reality.

That is until I found photographer Graham MacIndoe and his set “Missing persons”. This series of photos that he started back in 1989 portrays that last, one shot attempt to find a person who’s missing. I don’t know if it’s from the surroundings or the intrinsic silence, but heres’s a picture that is as sad as it gets.

Check out the rest of them here:

Graham MacIndoe

Tags: Graham MacIndoe photography Street Photography missing persons documentary
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Thursday, June 7

I’m going out on a limb here and say… I’m with you, all of you!

I’ve lost count of how many times I would kill to just drop asleep like that on the middle of wherever. When my right eye starts blinking I know I’ve got enough juice to run home and drop dead on my bed. I’m guessing they didn’t got there on time.

Uchujin-Adrian Storey is a Tokyo based freelance photographer who documents this awkward situations.

"A commentary on modern contemporary japanese society”

Some more photos after the jump…

Uchujin-Adrian Storey

Tags: Adrian Storey photography documentary Street Photography sleeping Japan Tokyo
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Tuesday, April 10

Parties… we all love them, until it’s over. Very few of us ever remember leaving them much less how the place looked after it’s all done.

Armed with a camera instead of a broom, photographer Alexander Giesermann arrives at the club, just when you are about to hit the bed sheets. He then photographs this empty lifeless places, still with all bohemian remains of the night before. He does this so that you don’t forget the mess you made.

Alexander Giesermann

Tags: Alexander Giesermann clubs parties photography documentary
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